MTech Mechanical is proud to announce several personnel advancements related to the company’s new organizational structure, most notably, the transition of Marco Capitelli to president.

“This is an exciting time for MTech, and I am honored for the opportunity to lead such an outstanding organization. We have a strong foundation of people and systems that defines our collaborative environment, and we are aligned for long-term success. Our new leadership structure creates clarity and increases opportunities for our teams,” Capitelli states, “and it allows us to better serve our clients.”

In addition, several committed and proven professionals will embrace new leadership roles as vice presidents, reflecting an expanded management structure. The principals of MTech have been fully engaged with the leadership expansion, and they will continue to serve as seasoned advisors.

Marco Capitelli, President
Marco’s experience as co-founder and Executive Vice President of Preconstruction supports a natural transition into his new role. Marco has over 25 years of industry experience and his passion for Design Build relationships ensures MTech will continue to be the leader for creative solutions. He will be responsible for implementing company-wide strategic vision, and for sharing that vision with clients.


Thomas Dean, Principal
Thomas held the role as president since co-founding MTech in 2002. He will continue as Principal and Executive Vice President, overseeing the service and maintenance, financial, human resources and IT departments. He is a passionate advocate of continuous innovation.


Steve Kugler, Principal
Steve continues as Principal and Executive Vice President, overseeing the Construction and Mountain Departments. As one of the MTech co-founders, Steve offers over 35 years of local experience and a wealth of operational expertise. He is instrumental in attracting, training, and retaining key construction professionals.


Roger Rayfield, Principal
Roger continues as Principal and Executive Vice President, overseeing the Special Projects Department. Roger founded Total Plumbing in 1982, and his 40 years of experience and leadership style provide a strong complement to MTech’s executive team. He is also responsible for the integration of plumbing into MTech’s in-house offerings.

Dan Adams, Vice President of Operations and Manufacturing
Dan has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and 13 years at MTech. His guidance has resulted in quality products and execution teams that are requested back for projects. In his new role, Dan’s team will consist of virtual construction, manufacturing, and field operations.


John Falzone, Vice President of Construction
John joined MTech in 2002, and has over 20 years of industry experience. He has a unique understanding of the preconstruction process, technical expertise, and ability to create long-standing relationships. John will lead the preconstruction and project management teams on large construction projects.


Mark Keenan, Vice President Mountains
Mark’s team will include sales, operations, and service and maintenance specific to the western slope. He has been integral to the success of our mountain operations since 2005 and has a keen understanding for the unique challenges faced when building in remote locations.


Shawn Kennedy, Vice President of Service
Shawn will have responsibility for both the MTech and Total Plumbing Service departments which includes commercial and residential clients. Shawn has over 20 years in the plumbing industry, and his leadership experience will provide continuity and expertise to each department.


Mark McKinney, Vice President of Special Projects
Mark’s team will continue to provide a turn-key approach for quick and technical projects. His 20 years of experience in engineering, preconstruction and project management make him a great fit for this leadership role. He has worked in a variety of industries with a focus on end-users and their technical requirements.


Tracy Alleman, Chief Financial Officer
Tracy will continue in the CFO role she has held since 2002, with over 18 total years of financial experience. Tracy’s attention to detail and understanding of construction accounting solidifies MTech’s commitment to financial superiority.