MTech Launches New Energy Services Offering


MTech Mechanical is excited to announce the official launch of MTech Energy. This new offering expands diversified services to clients for energy efficiency retrofits, lighting improvements, renewable energy generation, and building envelope improvements. This will be offered in collaboration with service, construction, in-house engineering and other teams.

The importance and timeliness of building an energy team provides this valuable offering to the marketplace in conjunction with new energy requirements in Colorado. A team is available that is specifically qualified to meet ESG Goals, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals, and deferred maintenance benchmarking for facility owners in Colorado.

The energy division will focus on offering energy-efficiency solutions which will incorporate Federal incentives, utility rebates and utility bill savings to expedite return on investment and reduce the financial impact of electrification and energy reduction mandates on facility owners.

Dan Walsh, Director of MTech Energy will lead this group and has 20+ years of experience in the energy services market across all markets sectors in Colorado. “Our mission is to help our clients balance the cost to benefit analysis of energy reduction projects, and to provide them with the experience to implement a project successfully,” said Walsh.

MTech now has a comprehensive “turnkey” solution for energy projects moving forward for existing and new clients. This allows for a proactive response to the electrification and energy efficiency requirements that will be enacted by local municipalities in the coming years.

“MTech Energy allows us to expand our integrated engineering, construction, and service expertise to deliver energy and infrastructure solutions for our clients,” said Marco Capitelli, MTech President. “This is natural evolution and diversification of our offerings and will strengthen our superior reputation of providing informed and trusted advice to our clients for their energy management needs.”

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