BOULDER, CO – All it took was a little urging from corporate lawyer and Medicine Horse sponsor Cliff Neuman for MTech Mechanical to agree to donate services in the winter of 2011 to overhaul the 30 year old rundown HVAC unit and restore heat at Medicine Horse ranch. As a non-profit equine psychotherapy ranch partnering orphaned Mustangs with adolescents and families to foster mental health, Medicine Horse relies on donations like MTech’s to keep the ranch running. Winter was looming and with no heat, Neuman turned to MTech to help restore heat.

During the 2011 service call, MTech was able to restore heat for Medicine Horse but the overall diagnosis was grim. MTech technicians found a crack in the heat exchanger of the HVAC unit, making it inoperable. Medicine Horse would need to purchase a new unit but with donations as its sole income and overhead costs of maintain a ranch high, the funds for a new HVAC unit were nowhere to be found. The ranch would have to make do without.

Seeing warmth as a basic necessity, Neuman and MTech agreed to partner together to get a new HVAC unit donated for Medicine Horse. Neuman agreed to cover the labor costs, while MTech Mechanical set out to find the equipment. It is not every day one comes across a commercial HVAC unit just lying around waiting to be installed. Finding the right unit at no cost was going to take some time.

Months passed as Medicine Horse went without heat and MTech searched for the perfect donated unit. In late 2012, MTech was able to salvage and restore an older, but still operable, HVAC unit that would have otherwise been demolished from a previous job. After some modifications and coordination, MTech Mechanical installed the renovated 8.5 ton HVAC unit on April 1, 2013 at the Medicine Horse ranch.

MTech Mechanical would like to thank Cliff Neuman for his partnership and support in helping a great organization turn the heat on once again.