MTech Donates 90 Bicycles to 2nd Graders for the Holidays

On December 14th, 2022, the entire MTech Mechanical team gathered for the Annual Holiday Luncheon and Meeting at Empower Field. To wrap up the 20th anniversary year, and 20 for 20 Campaign, MTech partnered with Wish For Wheels to build 90 bikes for 2nd graders at Green Valley Elementary. Team members then visited the school, on December 15th, to surprise the kids with their new bikes just in time for the holidays!

“Being able to give back to this cohort of kids is the most amazing feeling in the world. They have had so much taken from them without even realizing it, and so for them to have something to celebrate—something unique about this grade level—is just something that I can’t thank you enough for.” – Jen Buckland, Principal of Green Valley Elementary

Wish for Wheels partners with corporations to give the gift of a brand new bike and helmet to second graders. By encouraging healthy habits at a young age, they have helped increase attendance and create a lifelong love of bikes for students in low income communities.