“There’s a time in your life that you meet people and know you should make a difference,” Brett Sopher, MTech Mechanical Service Technician/Estimator.

That time came for a few MTech service team members just at the same time as the company’s 20 for 20 campaign was beginning. As part of MTech Mechanical’s 20th Anniversary in 2022, it was decided to participate in 20 charitable causes across Colorado throughout the year. The goal was to give back to those in communities which our team members live, work and play.

In late 2021, a routine HVAC service call was run to a high-rise residential building that MTech helped to design & build in 2011. Troubleshooting and diagnosis was completed but it was determined that the heat pump in the unit had reached the end of its life. Heat pumps provide an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners.

After determining that the heat pump would need to be replaced, our team reached out to the owner, Maureen, to let her know. Like similar replacements, the price tag is not an everyday expense but a long-term investment of over $7,000. Maureen shared with Brett that she was enduring some serious health conditions including Stage 3 Cancer and she would need to compare some pricing.

Brett initially offered his labor at no cost to assist in offsetting some of the expense for Maureen. After a few discussions with the service team, executive team and community service committee, it was decided that MTech would gift all time and material cost to Maureen as part of the 20 for 20 campaign.

Rick Hodge, MTech Service’s Sales Manager, reached out to Maureen to let her know that we would be gifting this brand-new unit and installation to her. “When I spoke with Maureen, she was overwhelmed to hear that we were going to remove the old heat pump and install a new one entirely free of charge. She was extremely grateful, and very gracious in her compliments to MTech.”

The heat pump was donated by McCoy Sales and was installed by two of MTech’s Service technicians (Brett Sopher & Mike Gooderum) in February 2022.

Maureen has an inspiring life story where she has overcome multiple trials and tribulations. Our team was so glad to help make a difference in her life. We know our relationship doesn’t end here and we wish her the very best happiness and health!

“I am so grateful, everyone at MTech has been wonderful and I feel emotional just knowing they care enough to do this for me,” said Maureen.

To learn more about MTech’s 20 for 20 Campaign, click here.