Denver, CO – Looking down from the roof of a seventeen story building can be daunting but having to hoist a 500 ton cooling tower up those seventeen floors is entirely a whole other scenario. When MTech Mechanical’s service department was presented with replacing the cooling tower at the Unico Centerpoint Tower II high-rise in Denver, they knew it was going to be a logistically challenging task that would call for some heavy lifting. Soon after planning got underway it was apparent MTech would need to bring in the big guns to perform the tallest pick to date for the mechanical contractor. A 400 ton crane was commissioned to hoist the 500 ton Baltimore Aircoil cooling tower to its resting spot a top the seventeen story building.

After weeks of coordination, the crane arrived at 1777 Harrison Street on the morning of February 9, 2013 with MTech crews waiting on hand to begin the task of removing the old cooling tower. Just after 9:00 am the crane slowly made its ascent up the building as MTech crews readied themselves in position. Over the next six hours workers moved about like a well-orchestrated dance as they plucked the old cooling tower off the roof and replaced it with a new BAC unit.

Just as the sun was going down, the massive crane hoisted the last piece of equipment up to the roof and the new cooling tower was finally in place. With the attitude that no job is too big or too complex, MTech had successfully completed its tallest pick without a hitch.