BOULDER, CO – Things are in full swing on the CU Campus Utility Project (CUP). After being onsite since December 2012, MTech Mechanical moved its work trailer to the Boulder job site in early February to really get things under way.  Working with JE Dunn and with an approximate end date in September 2014, CU CUP will incorporate two energy plants: West Distribution Energy Plant (WDEP) and East Distribution Energy Plant (EDEP). WDEP is the existing plant and is where MTech will be replacing the existing absorption chillers, pumps, cooling tower, and the existing steam turbine generator. EDEP will be a brand new distribution plant and, once fully constructed, will be at 40% of capacity, allowing for future expansion of the utility systems on CU campus. MTech will be installing steam boilers, centripetal chillers, and supporting equipment at EDEP, as well as updating and adding to the condensate return system between both plants.

CU CUP will ultimately allow the University of Colorado to capitalize on modern technology and increase efficiency by centralizing its cooling and heating systems. MTech’s involvement and scope of work will enable CU to utilize natural gas and steam exhaust to create power, naturally reducing CU’s carbon footprint and resource costs.

MTech’s involvement in CU CUP has continued its ongoing relationship with JE Dunn and the University of Colorado with its commitment to client relationships and technical expertise. For more information on CU CUP and to follow the project’s progress, please visit the CU CUP Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CUCampusUtilityProject.